“Lincoln Road is the hottest retail street in all of Miami and is among the busiest corridors in the world”.

Miami Real Estate Marketplace Lincoln Road couldn't be hotter in terms of property ownership. For those of us that are used to the morning through evening hustle and bustle, Monday to Sunday, going crazy on weekends and holidays, expansion isn't something that comes immediately to mind. But to certain investors, expansion is very much on their minds. And they're practicing what they believe in. Expansion. Most Recent expansion Recently, a New York real estate investment fund expanded its presence by purchasing three storefronts on the prime... Continue Reading >

7 Great Places to go in Miami Beach*

Miami Real Estate Marketplace It's not the 3 A.M. call but it can be as scary. The folks heard the weather here is great, lots of stuff to see and do compared to where they are. So they've decided to come on short notice. Very short notice. They're descending on Miami Beach any minute now and knowing them they'll try to squeeze in as much as they possibly can on the weekend. Here are some suggestions where they can go, stay busy and entertained.... Continue Reading >

The Paradisical Village of Key Biscayne’s
Parks and Beaches

Miami Real Estate Marketplace It's life in paradise. Literally. Key Biscayne's parks and beaches are probably the closest  you'll get to nature's perfection. The premier park and beach resort makes the island truthfully one of the greatest places to visit and live in the planet. Beauty is all over the place. Starting with Crandon Park Located on a breathtaking location, with the Atlantic Ocean on the east side and Biscayne Bay to the west. You can extensively explore the various ecosystems of the park including its... Continue Reading >

5 reasons now is the time
to buy real estate in Miami

There are many more than 5 reasons to buy in Miami right now. We'll point out some of the most prevalent and transparent that have come up recently. Beautiful Surroundings Miami is a beautiful city. The more you walk and drive around the more beauty spots you will find and adopt as your favorite. I'm including Miami Beach and also many of the counties adjoining areas. To begin with you've got the miles and more miles of beautiful sandy beaches with a... Continue Reading >

5 for the price of 1

Miami Real Estate Marketplace Buy in Miami Beach and get 5 extras What a deal. You buy in Miami Beach, drive north, and you get five extra first class beaches. Ready for swimming, boating, or just relaxing and basking in the sun. You can't get anything better than this. Up Up and Away Going up or north on Miami Beach, go the distance and drive to another amazing 5 great beaches. They're are some great waterfront properties, beautiful views and sites to satisfy the most sophisticated taste.... Continue Reading >

6 easy steps for you as a foreign national to get a mortgage in Miami

Miami Real Estate Marketplace Many people, mostly foreign nationals, have been asking us lately what they have to do to get a mortgage in Miami. So we asked the experts at Southeast Bankers Mortgage Corporation for their perspective on the issue. After they gave us a full explanation we broke it down in what we believe are 6 easy steps. Step#1 A valid visa and passport. If you're from a country that doesn't require a visa, you can use a document with a photo id. Step#2 Copies of... Continue Reading >

154 units. Only 2 neighbors.
Oceana Key Biscayne Residences.

Miami Real Estate Marketplace The Sea and the Sky. On a clear day you can see forever...and ever Oceana Key Biscayne has only two neighbors: the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. For all its existence you know that Key Biscayne is the real deal in exclusivity. Its island feel and beauty, its ease and tranquility is the ideal place to live or vacation, that is if you value intimacy as well as luxury. Oceana Key Biscayne Residences is located within the heart of the island... Continue Reading >

Park your car in your living room at the
Porsche Design Tower Miami

Miami Real Estate Marketplace Your car right beside you at all times This is how it works: you drive up and down and a robotic arm places you and your car into a tube shaped glass elevator; and zapp... in 90 seconds you arrive at your front door. And as you sit and relax viewing the waterfront your car is visible from where you're sitting. How cool is that. The Tower; state of the art from top to bottom The Porsche Design Tower is 57 stories of... Continue Reading >

Only 18 Residences. Only at Ocean House,
Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Miami Real Estate Marketplace In the quiet and exclusive heartbeat of South Beach, South of Fifth, the Ocean House is the new place to be...and live. It's the newest residence on the oceanfront, right, smack South of Fifth with residences made for the finest taste, breathtaking views and an exceptional attention to detail in furnishings as well as amenities. There will be only 18 Grand Residences to make sure absolute privacy is guaranteed, from 3,500 to 6,200 sq. ft., at a price tag of... Continue Reading >

Brickell Avenue. From Road to Art Gallery in Miami

Miami Real Estate Marketplace Walking or driving alongside art for free For a certain time you'll be able to take in great art for free as you drive or just walk by some of of our neighborhoods. The pictures seen here were all taken on the Brickell corridor but other neighborhoods are enjoying great visuals too. All this modern art is now on exhibition in front of great buildings. During the day  you can check out the diversity of the architecture and designs of these buildings. Some... Continue Reading >