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9 Tips to make your home remodeling more efficient and healthier

Miami Real Estate Marketplace Why are we posting again on living with added energy efficiency and savings? All indications this is going to be a tight year, so mind as well tighten expenses and when spending on your living quarters, do it intelligently. And as an add-on we intend to show you how to make living healthier. 1. Improving the indoor air quality in your home Check for water intrusion, condensation and excess moisture before you begin your remodeling. Fixing these issues can improve your home's... Continue Reading >

5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit and Energized

Miami Real Estate Marketplace Many of you folks out there are involved in some kind of traveling.  Some light, some heavy duty. Even though it can be a lot of fun, the unusual schedules, new surroundings and different foods can take a toll. So whether you're on the road for business or pleasure, here are 5 easy ways to stay fit and energized. 1. Walk for a while No matter where you are, it's always possible to squeeze in at least 30 minutes on foot. Take... Continue Reading >

7 Great Places to go in Miami Beach*

Miami Real Estate Marketplace It's not the 3 A.M. call but it can be as scary. The folks heard the weather here is great, lots of stuff to see and do compared to where they are. So they've decided to come on short notice. Very short notice. They're descending on Miami Beach any minute now and knowing them they'll try to squeeze in as much as they possibly can on the weekend. Here are some suggestions where they can go, stay busy and entertained.... Continue Reading >

Social Responsibility to the extreme by
10 companies

Miami Real Estate Marketplace I found a fascinating article about social responsibility in a magazine that specializes in advertising, Advertising Age.  It's dated 2010 but still valid in my opinion. The article's author is Bob Liodice. In his words: "Many companies believe they have a responsibility to give back to society. This focus includes contributions of time and money, a duty to provide environmentally friendly products and services, and a desire to improve the lives of individuals here and around the globe. Such socially... Continue Reading >

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