Ride your bike, not the Miami Beach traffic

Miami Beach BicycleThe once a month Miami Beach Community Bike Ride will be held tomorrow morning, Saturday, Feb. 9 between 9 and 11:30 a.m.
We are mapping out the event in case you’re planning a beach day or simply coming to Miami Beach. To organize your driving day here’s the general route and the areas to avoid if you’re not biking, running or just walking.

– Fifth Street from Washington Avenue to Ocean Drive
– Ocean Drive from Fifth to 15 streets
– 15 Street from Ocean Drive to Collins Avenue
– Collins Avenue from 15 Street to 87 Street
– 87 Terrace between Collins Avenue and Harding Avenue
– Harding Avenue from 87 Terrace (to Indian Creek) to 63 Street
– 63 Street from Indian Creek to North Bay Road
– North Bay Road south from 63 Street to 45 Street/Alton Road
– Alton Road from 45 Street to 20 Street
– Dade Boulevard from 20 Street to Convention Center Drive
– Convention Center Drive
– 17 Street from Convention Center Drive to Washington Avenue
– Washington Avenue south from 17 Street back to Fifth Street

Have a great ride and a great day.

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