9 Tips to make your home remodeling more efficient and healthier

Why are we posting again on living with added energy efficiency and savings? All indications this is going to be a tight year, so mind as well tighten expenses and when spending on your living quarters, do it intelligently. And as an add-on we intend to show you how to make living healthier.

1. Improving the indoor air quality in your homegreen house

Check for water intrusion, condensation and excess moisture before you begin your remodeling. Fixing these issues can improve your home’s indoor air quality, for excess moisture encourages mold.

2. Making your home more energy efficient

Use the least amount of framing allowed by your building code when adding walls. Not only will you have to pay less for less lumber and fewer nails, the contractor will have more room to put insulation in your walls, making your home more energy efficient.

3. Single low-flow shower head x multiple shower heads

Resist the urge to spurge on multiple shower heads. Opt for a single low-flow shower head rather than installing a car wash plethora of shower heads.

4. Analyze HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system

If possible add new HVAC ducts to parts of your home that are heated and cooled, rather than placing them in a space with unconditioned air (like the Attic). If that’s not possible, insulate the ducts. Have an HVAC diagnostician analyze your system to make sure it’s sized correctly and balanced to properly exchange old and new air.

5. Cut the air leaks

Be sure to insulate around recessed lights that protrude into uninsulated attic spaces — these are major sources of air leaks.

6. Wasting water is wasting energy

Look into high efficiency or solar water heaters and insulate your water pipes. If you want hot water faster, move the water heater closer to the faucet or install demand pumps to drive hot water to the fixture.

7. Wall mounted efficiency

Install wall mounted efficiency toggle switch plates for the outlets where you plug in your televisions and computers to make it easy to cut off the power to electronics you’re not using.

8. Reduce the chances for mold

A humidistat that automatically turns on the bathroom fan when moisture rises beats remembering to turn the fan on.  Reducing bathroom moisture reduces the chances you’ll have mold in your home.

9. Use caulk for sealing

When pulling the kitchen cabinets off the wall use caulk to seal between the wall boards and the floorboards before laying new flooring and installing new cabinets. And since the caulk is out seal the top of the window trim.

Source: National Association of Realtors * Courtesy of Carl Seville, author of Green Building: Principles and Practices in Residential Construction.


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