5 reasons now is the time
to buy real estate in Miami

There are many more than 5 reasons to buy in Miami right now. We’ll point out some of the most prevalent and transparent that have come up recently.

Beautiful Surroundings

Miami is a beautiful city. The more you walk and drive around the more beauty spots you will find and adopt as your favorite. I’m including Miami Beach and also many of the counties adjoining areas. To begin with you’ve got the miles and more miles of beautiful sandy beaches with a blue, sometimes green, sometimes a mix of the both colors ocean wherever you turn to. What can have a more calming effect on your eyes, brains and body.

Unbeatable Weather

The sun has a permanent partnership with Miami and the beaches all year round. You can sit and watch in the sun or the shade. You can walk or run or bike in the sun or the shade. Or if you’re into water you can swim, surf, paddle, windsurf, kite surf, ski or sail. Or at one of the many great parks play baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, soccer or whatever other sport comes to mind. Plus some great golf courses for every handicap.

Prices are right and on the rise

All the factors above make it the right spot for great looking homes and condos. The miles of coastline with unlimited views of the sea are being tapped by investors in buying everything they can lay their eyes and hands on. Film and TV stars and big time businessmen spend top dollars on beautiful condos and homes. They’re looking for top quality properties, location and a lifestyle tough to beat.

Rich in diversity

People from all parts of the world are arriving from abroad to invest in Miami’s real estate. In many cases the prices of properties here are much less expensive than in their countries. On the streets, on the beach and in the malls one can hear the music of the numerous languages being spoken in this part of the world, adding to its culture and diversity. Which makes us all much richer.

The more the merrier

Money is always looking for a safe place to go. Our neck of the woods is still perceived  as a safe haven amid all the worries regarding long term debt and other financial issues. Economists claim that the flow of global capital reflects the fact that investors can earn higher returns by buying properties in a city like Miami, for living, renting, or reselling in the future for a profit. We have seen an influx of Brazilian, Venezuelan, Argentine, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian and other nationals looking to buy and protect their money amid perceptions of political uncertainty at their home countries.

We’re here to help

We know that when it comes to choice there is a large number of real estate agents in Miami. If you honor us with your choice we’ll do the best job you need to find the right property to buy, or market your property if you wish to sell. Contact us or call us at 305 609-5095/305 244-4333

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