6 Great Reasons to buy a condo on the beach
right now

The right place to buy

You know about now that this is the right time to buy a condo on the beach. You also know that the beach stretches from Miami all the way to Palm Beach…and beyond. But let’s stick to what we consider South Florida. When you consider the alternatives around the world prices of luxury oceanfront properties in our part of the world are much lower.Beach

The right time to buy

One of the main reasons this is the right time to buy is the historically ongoing low interest rates. They may even go lower, but it’s a tough bet to take when everything financial is changing at incredible speed.

The right inventory getting lower

As you probably know the condos at the best locations sell first and fast. Not only are they some of the most luxurious in the country, the weather in our neck of the woods is ideal. Ideal for the outdoors, for all types of sports activities, or for just plain lying in the sun.

The right pricing for the future

Now that the market recovery is upon us we’re are witnessing clear sales and price increases in general. New research is also demonstrating that we can expect further increases in pricing over the next few years. Again we’ve got the right situation for the right pricing for the near future.

The right strategy: buy low and sell high

We know that this is the time to buy because the scenario is likely to change. Soon. Many of the real estate heavy rollers are back in the market, buying, building and investing in new properties, from luxury condos to hotels as well as tracts of land for development. They know it’s the right time to buy. In the next few years they also know the prices will be going over the top.

The right professional guidance

This is the right time for professional guidance. Contact us or call us at 305 609-5095/305 244-4333

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