5 for the price of 1

Buy in Miami Beach and get 5 extras

What a deal. You buy in Miami Beach, drive north, and you get five extra first class beaches. Ready for swimming, boating, or just relaxing and basking in the sun. You can’t get anything better than this.

Up Up and Away5 beaches

Going up or north on Miami Beach, go the distance and drive to another amazing 5 great beaches. They’re are some great waterfront properties, beautiful views and sites to satisfy the most sophisticated taste. Sizes to fit your needs, and prices that are still tough to beat. So let’s start our drive.

The Beach at Sunny Isles

In Sunny Isles everywhere you look there’s something going on. Beyond the delightful ocean waters there is shopping for everyone, restaurants for every taste, and loads of entertainment. Where you once had the old rundown motels, luxury residences are popping up right on the oceanfront. The views are breathtaking and so memorable you’ll never want to leave home.

The Beach at Hollywood

Hollywood is well known for its boardwalk, great for people watching, walking, or just sitting in the sun, and its amphitheater, home of fun musical events. The area has been experiencing enormous growth with luxury front condos, with many parks in their vicinity. An exciting night life and beaches Hollywood has a great deal to offer. Just about something for everyone.

The Beach at Fort Lauderdale

You know how Ft. Lauderdale is known around here? The Venice of America. For all the good reasons . With all its canals and waterways, Ft. Lauderdale is a great fit for small as well as large boats. In addition to its fine dining and first class shopping, the city is well known for its beaches,  museums and nightlife. The all encompassing Las Olas Boulevard has several boutiques with the latest fashion, great eateries and fun sidewalk cafes.

The Beach at Boca Raton

Boca is centrally located in southern Palm Beach County. It has an affluent social community and high income demographics. The area has some of the greatest golf country club communities as well as waterfront residences and luxury condos. This exclusivity is greatly due to a strictly enforced zoning code that regulates size and types of buildings as well as signs and advertisements.

What a beach: Palm Beach

Sophisticated, highly cultured, leading architecture, and some of the biggest mansions in the country. With its exclusive location on a private island Palm Beach is worldwide known for its schools, museums, pristine beaches, and world class chic. The elegant streets and avenues leaging to the ocean beaches are lined with Ficus and Coconut Palms. Many of its walkways feature the stately Royal Palms. The magnificent estates with their perfectly manicured landscapes and ornate gated driveways are a proof that total privacy exists.

We know all about the beaches

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