Brickell Avenue. From Road to Art Gallery in Miami

Walking or driving alongside art for free

For a certain time you’ll be able to take in great art for free as you drive or just walk by some of of our neighborhoods.

The pictures seen here were all taken on the Brickell corridor but other neighborhoods are enjoying great visuals too. All this modern art is now on exhibition in front of great buildings.

During the day  you can check out the diversity of the architecture and designs of these buildings. Some will take you back to the 20th century, with lengthy stories and reminders of some great episodes that occurred during their years since existence. Others are just beginning to tell their story and already are living the exciting new momentum the neighborhood has to offer.

You’ll find something to your taste

There are styles for all tastes. From not to modern to very modern and quite contemporary. Sizes from the studio to the multiple bedrooms, from simple to simply elegant and all the way to the very chic. Add to that the bars for the young and not so young, restaurants with different and creative cuisines, nightlife to the wee hours, and all the commercial activity that goes on and you’ve got your complete and perfect space. Exactly fit to your financial needs and most importantly your lifestyle. Visit and see for yourself. It’s the best way to feel the dynamics and excitement of this neighborhood.

Come meet us for an art walk

We’d love to be able to show you all the art as well as the great looking buldings on the Brickell corridor. If you want to know all about them contact us or call us at 305 609 -5095/305 244-4333

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